No Reason

April 15, 2010ishabelle

Why do I love you?
I just don’t know why.
You’re too good to b true;
You seem to come from the sky.

Why do I love you; there are no reasons
I love you every single day,
All throughout wet and dry seasons.
I’ll always love you, come what may.

Why do I love you; I don’t understand
Just why I feel this way
The minute you smile and take my hand,
Though I know you can never stay.

Why do I love you when all of me feels blue?
I’ve felt this way every single night
Just thinking you’ll never love me too
And over the fact that you’re out of sight.

Why do I love you although my heart bleeds
Because we’d always be far apart?
Still you’re all that my heart needs.
I’ve always loved you, even from the start.

Why do I love you, that I cannot answer.
AS I see it, so far, so not good.
Things are never getting better.
Still I’m here, not knowing why I love you.

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