April 22, 2010ishabelle

It’s the time of bright shining sun,
Of endless adventure, joy, and fun.
Looking around me, I see many people
Living as if life was just so simple.

It’s summer, and it’s the best time of the year
To laugh out loud and never shed a tear.
It’s summer, a time when I shouldn’t be blue.
But I am, because I’m thinking of you.

Summer means heat and sandy beaches too.
There are so many things once can do.
It’s time to stroll around the whole city,
Time to forget all that’s shitty.

It’s summer, and I’m supposed to be happy,
But why do I feel so sad and lonely
It’s summertime; I really shouldn’t be blue.
But I am, because I’m missing you.

This is the time I should be with friends,
Sharing a happiness that never ends.
It’s time I should go out and face the world
Oh! World, prepare yourself for this girl.

It’s summer now; I should be out there
Running around, feeling the wind in my hair.
This is summer, but I really feel very blue
Because this summer, I’ve fallen in love with you.

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