Who Else?

September 22, 2010ishabelle

Somebody Googled me today. I know that because somehow, the person who Googled me ended up in my blog. Thank God for WordPress site stats. I know that one of my blogs visitors came to my blog by Googling my name out.

If only I’d know who that person is. If only I’d know why he was Googling me up. Hopefully, it’s not something negative. I just hope that whatever that person is up to, it’s not about getting me into deep shit.

I have been trying to write a poem since Monday. However, I have been too busy with work to ever finish what I’ve started. I hope that I get to finish the poem today. I am excited to post it. I’ll be ending this blog entry now, so I can get back to writing that poem. TTFN. xoxo

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