Walking and Humming Down Memory Lane

December 29, 2010ishabelle

It’s Like That by Mariah Carey

I remember my CVG days with this song. I remember hanging out my friends Barbie, Kit, Marites, Ionnie, and the rest of our teammates from Mark Millan's team. I remember riding in Barbie's car, heading to wherever was our destination for the night. I remember lunch break in different locations, breakfasts at the IT Park, Bo's or Starbucks. I remember hanging out the the CVG Banawa lobby, smoking our lung out.

Only One by Big Mountain

This reminds me so much of my CVG training days. I was introduced to Ska by my wave mates then. I have to thank them for doing so. I would never hear enough of this song even if I play this all day. I just love the song.

Hate That I Love You by Rihanna

Jeffrey and I did not have a perfect beginning. We messed up a lot of things when we started. I remember being emotional every time I hear this song. It was actually weird because the song had a lively beat, yet every time I heard it, I always become depressed. Thank GOD those moments are now far behind.

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