April 1, 2020ishabelle

Here’s a poem I wrote back when I was such a poet. I don’t remember anymore why I chose this title. I do know that there was a phase where I liked using one-word titles only, so maybe that’s the reason. Anyway, I read this today, and I think I should use this quarantine days to get into poetry again.

It’s been so long since I last felt like this.
You put both my heart and my soul at ease.
I have forgotten what loving felt like;
I have stopped hoping that lightning might strike
But you came in, and you changed everything.
You gave life and love a whole new meaning.

You’re the ray of hope when the world is bleak;
You give me strength when my spirit is weak
You’re the beacon of light in the darkness;
You chase away all of this world’s sadness
You are the laughter when the whole world cries.
You are the truth that uncovers all lies.

There is nothing in this world that will be
As dear to anyone as you are to me
There is nothing on earth I would not do
In the name of the love I feel for you
Because back then when the stars did not shine,
You came and gave me love I could call mine.

You’re the sun when the day is bright;
You’re the moon that shines in the night
You’re all the things I could ever hope for.
You’re every wish I could ever wish for
And when everything is done and the world is through,
All that will be left is the love I have for you.

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