The One

April 4, 2020ishabelle

This poem, I don’t remember when I wrote. I think it was the summer that I was going to be a college freshman. But I also think that I wrote this the summer before my eighteenth birthday. I’m not sure anymore. What I do know is that I was with someone when I wrote this. But this wasn’t for the person I was with. This was for someone else, someone I would never have admitted to thinking about. One of these days, maybe I’ll tell you about my colorful high school and college life. But for now, I’m fine looking through my old poems and reminiscing.


The night’s dawning now, baby,
As I watch you sleep beside me,
And then I say my prayers for you,
Knowing that we’ll see things through.

There’s so much that I want right now,
So much that I wish for somehow.
But you’ll never hear me say these things,
But then again you already know my feelings.

I want to be the one who holds your hand
When things are rough, and it’s hard to stand.
I want to be the one who’s with you
When all your dreams start coming true.

I want to be the one who’s with you each night,
The one who makes the wrong things right,
The one who takes away all your fears,
The one who will wipe away your tears.

I want to be the one you dream about,
The one you just couldn’t do without,
The one who will always be with you,
The one who will never make you feel blue.

I want to be the one who will always care,
The one who will always be there,
The one who wears your wedding ring,
Your one and only, your everything.

I want to be the right one for you,
The one who can see you through,
And baby, if it ever happens that we’re apart,
I want to be the one who’s holding your heart.

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