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Ten years ago, I joined a network of poets that rallied every Thursday. We’d visit each other’s blogs, read and comment on each other’s poems, and nominate blogs that we truly enjoyed. It was a fun time. I got to write poetry and connect with people who did the same. Unfortunately, as time wen by, I became more caught up with work life that I had less and less time to join the weekly rallies. I eventually stopped joining, but I have to say that I’ve met several talented poets then. The poem below is one of my entries when I was just a newbie in the group. I wrote this way before, but this poem has this  sort of bounciness to it. It’s not too emotional, but it’s still honest and open. 


Sometimes, I get tired of loving you.
It seems as though it’s all I do.
Night and day, you’re always on my mind.
I really have no idea just why.

I don’t know just why I feel this way
When I know you’ll never feel the same.
You hurt me, and you break my heart.
You tear my whole world apart.

You don’t know how I hurt inside.
But still, you’re never out my mind.
Whatever it is that I feel for you
Will only leave me wounded and blue.

You have no idea just how I  break down
Or how my heart falls to the ground.
You see, all I ever did was fall in love,
Yet it’s with someone I just can’t have.

Sometimes, I get tired of loving you,
But I don’t know just why I still do.
No matter how many times I get hurt,
It’s still you who has my heart.

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