So This Is Goodbye

April 5, 2020ishabelle

My first relationship was when I was fourteen. At that time, that age was still pretty early to get into boys and whatnot. Funny, though, that I had my first relationship at this age, but I only fell in love about a year or two later. I wrote this poem because of an impending breakup. Trust me when say that the poem had more emotion than the actual breakup. That’s the thing I love about poetry. I can start with a basic feeling and expound it into something more, something deeper. Even if I’m not feeling the emotion myself, I can make it sound like I’m heartbroken. That’s just the power of words. You can create magic with it if you know how to wield your wand.


It started out so fine;
I’m yours, and you’re mine.
We didn’t care about anything.
We forgot about everything.

It seemed so perfect before.
But now, there’s no feeling anymore.
There’s no more feeling of security,
And what’s left is insincerity

I can’t cope with or even understand
The reason why these all need to end.
What seemed to be so right and perfect
Would end up to be a matter of respect.

I don’t know what more to do,
But I can’t stop thinking of you.
I know nothing can change anything
But only worsen everything.

Is this all my mistake
To make it end in heartache?
Or is it all your blame
For calling out another name?

Don’t say I never cared because I did.
Honestly, I really, really did.
If only you’d know, you’d be sorry
For not even telling me you’re sorry.

A friend told me my decision is wrong
Because I’ve wanted you for so long
That it’s not right to just let you go
For some reason we don’t know

It’s bothering my whole mind
Because of answers I can’t find.
Where do I belong now?
Now that you’re gone, somehow

It’s hurting deep inside;
The tears are so hard to hide.
It’s not easy letting you go
When I’ve learned to love you so.

I can’t focus on anything everyday
Because of the fact that you’d never stay.
I can’t think of better things to do
Than cry all my heart for you.

Everything was perfect from the start
And still would be, if we followed our hearts.
But everything changed, even our love.
Now there can be no more love.

So this is goodbye;
I’ll never know why.
It’s what we need to do,
But still, I’ll always love you.

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