The Cuddle

April 5, 2020ishabelle

I started out a project called Types or Poetry Project where my goal was to write one poem for each type. I never got to finish it then, so I hope that one of these days, inspiration will hit me again, so I can continue on with the rest of the types of poetry on the list. The poem below is an example of an ABC poem. By definition, an ABC poem is a poem that has five lines which create a mood, picture or feeling. The first four lines are made up of words, phrases or clauses with the first letter of each line in alphabetical order. The fifth line is one sentence long and can begin in any letter. Here’s my attempt an an ABC poem.


A hand to hold when I falter
Big arms to wrap me in when I shiver
Colorful rainbows and gardens in summer
Delicious raindrops and delightful laughter
These and more are what you are to me.

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