April 10, 2020ishabelle

It’s my father’s birthday today, at least it would have been if he was still alive. I can’t help but wonder how things would have been if he was still around. I mean, how would he have adapted to the ever changing technology? Would he have Facebook? How many friends would he have? Would he be the type of message and video call a lot? Or would he prefer text messages or emails? Would he have been a fan of the MCU? How many times would he have visited Cebu? How many times would I have visited him?


I know that it has been going on 14 years since he passed away, but it’s amazing how some things still feel like no time has passed. I constantly still wish that I could easily call him and talk to him about things, or take him with me and Jeff when we’re vacationing to places. I think he would have loved that. I think that even if we didn’t understand each other back then, we’d have a very good relationship now. I hope he’d be proud of me, of what I was able to achieve for myself. I know he had a different future in mind for me, but I think that what mattered to him was that his children will have a better life than he had.


I miss his intellect and his talent. He was easily the most talented person I know. It isn’t always true that silent waters run deep because he was deep as the ocean could get, but he definitely wasn’t silent. He was always “alive”. He sang in the shower. He made jokes. He’d wake me up in the morning because sleeping in was a waste of sunshine. He was always up to date with current events. He expressed his opinion. He created art. He charmed people. And he played around with kids. I miss him like you wouldn’t believe. And wherever he is now, I hope he’s looking down at all of the people whose lives were left with an empty void when he left. And I hope that when he is looking at us, he’ll see just how much he has influenced our lives and how much he is still thought about even till now.

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