• And Then There Was Me

    October 4, 2011 ishabelle

    and then there was me… and i was laughing my whole heart out that you were someone i couldn’t do without and i didn’t know that it was true and that my whole life would be blue and i thought i could get away with things that i could fight these confusing feelings and i didn’t think i’d never be the same i thought i was the one playing the game and now there is only me, myself and i…

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  • Blank Verses for a Non-Blank Life

    September 23, 2010 ishabelle

    What can I ask for in my entire life If not for no one else’s love but yours. When all else leaves, you’re all I need to stay. When things go wrong, I can still make it through As long as you’re around to lift me up. When clouds are here to chase the light away, You stay as bright as any light could be. I’ll never stop this feeling that I have; I’m thankful that you came into my…

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  • Fever

    July 29, 2010 ishabelle

    The spirit is so much willing, But the body’s not cooperating. I try so hard to feel alive; I try appearing to have such drive. I want to always jump up and down To life my spirits from the ground. But I feel tired and beaten inside, The exhaustion’s hard to hide. My head aches; my nose hurts as well. In sickness, I pitifully fell. When will I be healthy again? When will my sickness ever end? My body is…

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  • Ice Drops and Candy Pops

    July 1, 2010 ishabelle

    Burning heat, scorching sun Taking out all of the fun Of a beautiful summer day As lazy hours pass away. Sweat, clothes, to the skin, they stick Shy away from the camera’s click. My face, covered in oil and dust, But endure the summer heat, I must. Yet from afar I could clearly see Colors that brighten up the day for me Pink, Orange, Yellow and Blue And many different flavors too. Taste, so delicious and delightful I could eat…

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  • My Favorite Things (In Haikus)

    June 17, 2010 ishabelle

    Poetry Rhyming words that paint A story that’s about love, Life, or all things quaint. Ice Cream Soft, cold, and sweet, Of many flavors to eat, Like a child’s heaven. The Color Blue I think of the sky. So tranquil, peaceful, calm, Like the salty beach. Chocolate Lift me up, dark one Make my mood a better one. I could eat for hours. I am a perfect poet for this week. Thank you so much for the nomination. It really…

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  • Paint Your Palette

    June 10, 2010 ishabelle

    I want to thank Jingle because she has given me this award to decorate my blog even more…. She is indeed a very good friend and a gem to have. I am posting this poem today. I wrote this about a week ago. I know this should have been posted right away, but I wanted to wait until I did not have any personal issues anymore. Today just seems to be the perfect time to post this. I hope this…

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  • Walking Back

    May 20, 2010 ishabelle

    The roads that I travel on, The deeds I’d have gladly done, All the tears I would have shed, The walls I’d have painted red, The times that I cried for you, Moments I was black and blue, The bets that I have all lost, Paying this very high cost, The risks that I failed to take, Vows I never want to break, The breaths I held just for you, The things I just couldn’t do, The lost ring on…

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  • The Sun (A Sonnet)

    May 13, 2010 ishabelle

    My heart throbs as it never had before, Ever since you waled right out of the door. There’s this huge gaping hole inside my heart, Ever since you tore both of us apart. And all the days that I shall face alone, I’ll live these days with a heart turned to stone. My soul’s restless searching for only you; After you, my dreams have never come true. My mind is traveling a lonely space, So much to wander but no…

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  • Fallen Angel

    May 6, 2010 ishabelle

    I wanted to write something light and easy today, but I couldn’t come up with anything like that. Instead, I am now sharing this poem to you. it’s a little sad, and tragic. It’s not my current mood, which is weird why I gravitate toward this poem today. I hope this one still gets a good reception from you, guys. 🙂 There’s a fallen angel on earth tnight; She is loving someone out of sight. See her heart break into…

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  • City

    April 29, 2010 ishabelle

    I hate to think about it, But there’s nothing I can do. It’s the truth, and I have to face it. I’m a thousand miles away from you. I left, but you can’t blame me. It’s just what I should do. I know we are meant to be, But here I am, away from you. I miss everything about you When will we see each other again? There’s one thing I want to tell you: I’ll love you now and…

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