• One More Day to Go

    May 19, 2010 ishabelle

    I want to apologize to everybody if I have been absent for the past few days. I have missed blogging so much, but I was really stumped with a lot of things. I have my poem ready, though. I wouldn’t miss the rally for the world. The poem will be posted tomorrow. Plus, it’s also going to include my acceptance for the Perfect Poet award. I am really excited to be touring the blogosphere tomorrow reading the most perfect poems…

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  • In Preparation

    May 12, 2010 ishabelle

    Tomorrow is yet another Thursday. I already have the poem done, but I won’t post it until tomorrow. I am also supposed to prepared my acceptance and nomination for the Perfect Poets Award. I still don’t know who to nominate. I will have to read through the poems tomorrow and see whose poem will strike a chord within me. I am really excited for tomorrow. I have not been writing a lot of poems lately, but I always make it…

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